micro alti 2

Available now with Bluetooth!

- Now available with bluetooth!

The Micro Alti 2 is the world's smallest and lightest paragliding vario/altimeter at just 37mm square and has a large clear display that gives excellent outdoor visibility.

Based on the success of the original Micro Alti, the Micro Alti 2 has been redesigned from the ground up, using today's sensors and electronics, providing ultimate vario sensitivity, 3-day battery life and many new features in a wristwatch size package!


Its versatile altimeter can be set to QNE or QNH or 3 resettable references in metres or feet, or imperial altimeter and metric vario.
Barometric scales include millibars, and mm or inches of mercury and the barometer has a weather trend display, so you can check before you fly!

The vario includes an averaging display and has a weak-lift thermal finder and instant-vario mode, with a loud triple tone system for sink, thermal-finder and lift.

The Micro Alti 2 also displays humidity and temperature and has a G-meter, stop watch and timers and a clock display with battery backup for accurate timekeeping.

There's also a headphone socket with external piezo drive, so you can add an extra piezo sounder to your helmet or paramotor headset.

Many of the displays now have scrolling text to show the selected function as well as max/min recording of all readings.

Connectivity is provided via USB-C and there's even a scanning FM radio with 10 memories!

The case is virtually unbreakable nylon and the Micro Alti 2 now has a user-replaceable LCD screen and battery.

Our new models include riser mounting clips for quick and secure fixing.  (See our pictures page).

Connect to apps with bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth Micro Alti 2 now connects with phone apps using Bluetooth Low Energy 5 to bring competition-level flight instrumentation to the world's lightest multifunction vario-altimeter!

Enjoy a full-featured flight computer with mapping, flight recording, competition support, thermal assistant and live tracking, to mention just a few options available with many of the available paragliding apps.

Use your Micro Alti as a rapid and accurate data source for your phone or tablet on your flight deck or leg and your Micro Alti on your wrist or riser, providing a high contrast display and  responsive vario.

*Battery life with Bluetooth in use will last for a typical day's flying.

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